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GPS navigation with more than 70,000 tours and help call (with SMS), PC planning software for maps of leading card manufacturers and interfaces to DVDs: - Compass Maps (Switzerland, Austria, Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Bavaria, Lake Garda, South Tyrol, ...), AMAP Austria, - TOP 50 Germany, - SwissMap, - DAV & PES - TouratechQV (Worldwide) - Free OSM - Maps. - First and real SRTM 3D display alongside Google Earth on Android. More than 70,000 tours (biking, hiking, skiing) from our partners gps tour.info, alpintouren.at and geo-coaching.net with reviews / height model / text / images COMPASS TOP50 maps and cards. The map coverage of the tour services currently affects South Tyrol, Austria and Germany and is constantly expanding. ape@map works even without mobile network. With the ape@map PC Viewer (ape@map desktop) you can plan routes on a PC or even offline maps and tracks (available for free at www.apemap.com) exported from PC to mobile phone. (Info: NMS and SMS permission is required ONLY for sending and receiving location based requests for help or assistance) Please contact support@apemap.com for further questions or error reports. Only then will we have a chance to help. (Note: We are a certified company of VeriSign, more at https://lic.apemap.at)