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※新改版! 【i68國道即時路況】讓駕駛者輕鬆掌握國道資訊,並提供最完整的替代道路資訊,讓您輕鬆遠離車陣,快速扺達目的地。主要提供國道交流道的行車速率資訊,以及行駛國一或國三的最短的旅行時間,盡可能提供您行駛的最佳決策資訊。 目前僅適用於中文系統 資料來源: 交通部運輸研究所、國道高速公路局、遠傳交通資訊平台。/div

※ new revision [I68] State Road real-time traffic allows the driver to easily grasp the national road information, and provide the most complete information about alternative road, so you can easily away from the cars, fast category of risk destination. The main national highway interchange provided the rate of traffic information and travel the country or a country, three of the shortest travel time, travel information you provide the best decision possible. The system is currently only available for Chinese source: Ministry of Transportation Transportation Institute, National Freeway Bureau, remote traffic information platform.

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