G5 Launcher and Theme




The best and brand new G5 launcher and theme is now on android market and its free. Click on your phone/tablet main menu on home screen to select various themes. Bored with Androids user interface? Want to try a new style? G5 launcher is an excellent app for you to experience the Wins phone UI on your Android devices. G5 launcher will make your Android phone look like a G5. If you have any questions about G5 launcher, just feel free to let us know. Please contact us via Email. G5 launcher and theme supports the following 27 launchers Nova launcher Apex launcher ADW launcher Next launcher Action Launcher ADW EX launcher Atom Launcher Aviate Launcher CM Theme Engine Epic Launcher Go Launcher Google Now Launcher Holo Launcher Holo Launcher HD Inspire Launcher KK Launcher L Launcher LG Home Lucid Launcher Mini Launcher Nemus Launcher Nine Launcher S Launcher Smart Launcher Smart Launcher Pro Solo Launcher TSF Launcher G5 launcher and theme contains dozens of 3d wallpapers as well as 2k wallpapers which you can use for your backgrounds or share with your friends on facebook, whatsapp or twitter. How to use: Make sure you set up G5 launcher and theme as the default launcher. Tap your home button, and you will be prompted to select the default launcher or you can make changes in Settings Apps All and clear defaults (for your current launcher).

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