Vibrate Massager Body Free 2.0

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Vibrate Massager body Android Free You are the office work? You are doing the hard work? You see tired, aching muscles in the body? You feel lonely and sad, upset? The wrinkles on your face can make you frustrated? And these things really affect your health, your life Get rid of all of the above and relaxing massage with the application of our wonderful. Applications massage helps your phone is capable of vibrating and massage your body almost like a massage device handy. Enabling applications with the features and select the mode: *** Vibration Shock ( New style update ) - Vibrate the phone constantly, constant vibration. - Vibrate the phone for a long time, long vibrations. - Vibrate the phone intermittent vibration rhythm. - There are 3 modes to choose from. - The application can be run in parallel with other applications such as music application - you can listen to music from other applications just massage. - The level of vibration depends on the hardware of the phone.