FAST App Search Tool



Find and Launch Applications fast and for free with a small App that needs not a single permission Just type in a fraction of the name of the App you want to launch - most of the time 3 chars are enough. If you have an Device with Jelly-Bean or newer you can use the Google Now gesture to open this app. The app is smaller than 70kb FAST is an recursive acronym for FAST App Search Tool You can choose between 3 Themes: #1 dark #2 light #3 transparent ( try this with some Live Wallpaper :) A single click launches the App - a long click gives you 3 Options: #1 Go to the App details #2 Open the App in Google Play #3 Open the App as a Notification for FAST access at a later time The App is GPLv3 - you can find the source on GitHub: Big thanks to for his contributions Tags ( sorry but otherwise this tool is hard to find ;): opensource launcher search apps free easy simple fast small GPL github super ultra uber mega speed launching applications notification appsearch app-search quick productivity launch time saving power user java github open source home replacement

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