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General Knowledge Quiz  GK Quiz is a form of game in which everybody can be strengthen their knowledge by answering the questions.  This is the game which leads you to the world of knowledge .  Our app enables you to nurture the abilities of observing the various events in an easy way.  Our app has numerous questions in different areas.  You can take the test freely and able to find the important events of your life. Features:  34 topics  More than 3000 questions  Summary of your performance at the end of every test.  Avail the daily test freely  Bookmark option. font color="red"This application has huge collection of Quiz under different categories such as 1 AGRICULTURE 2 ANIMALS QUIZ 3 ARCHITECTURAL 4 ASTRONOMY QUIZ 5 BOOKS AND AUTHORS QUIZ 6 BOOKS QUIZ 7 CHEMISTRY 8 COMPUTER QUIZ 9 ELECTRICAL 10 ENVIRONMENTAL QUIZ 11 EVERY DAY SCIENCE 12 FIRST IN WORLD 13 FOOD QUIZ 14 GENERAL AWARENESS 15 GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 16 GENERAL QUESTIONS 17 GENERAL QUIZ 18 GEOGRAPHY 19 HISTORICAL PLACES 20 IMPORTANT DAYS 21 INVENTION QUIZ 22 LAWS, THEORIES QUIZ 23 NATIONAL SYMBOL 24 PERSONALITIES QUIZ 25 PHYSICAL EDUCATION QUIZ 26 PHYSICS QUIZ 27 PLANTS QUIZ 28 RELIGION QUIZ 29 SCIENCE 30 SPORTS 31 SPORTS AND GAMES - CUPS AND TROPHIES 32 TECHNICAL 33 TRADE AND INDUSTRY QUIZ 34 WHO IS WHO (WORLD) ? 35 WORLD QUIZ 36 CAPITALS OF INDIAN STATES 37 FAMOUS NICK NAME (INDIA) 38 HINDUISIUM QUIZ 39 INDIAN ECONOMY 40 INDIAN HISTORY QUIZ 41 INDIAN POLITICAL 42 INDIAN STATES QUIZ 43 INDIAN TOWN ON RIVERS 44 MAHABHARATHA QUIZ 45 NICK NAME OF INDIAN PLACES We have other two apps which helps you to crack the competitive exams 1. Logical Reasoning Test – a href="" 2. Aptitude Test - a href=""<

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