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This application consolidates as many as it can of important engineering formulas while giving the chance for any engineer to apply the formulas through organized ready forms. Get rid of the advertisements by buying the General Engineering (Paid) version. This free version has STOPPED adding calculation modules. It will only fix any possible bugs. New modules are ONLY added to the paid version. Any positive constructive critique is welcome. And if you want more modules to be added, well be very glad to do so. But please concentrate on important hard-to-follow formulas when calculating manually. This application is meant to ease calculations without getting lost between the variables of the engineering equation or formula. Please write the review in either English or Arabic. The computer translation is weak. Please read the description till the bottom. Its important. In this application, You can send the calculation results via: - Email (at least get Gmail client for Android installed) - Skype (if installed) - SMS (The usual classic mobile messaging). - In paid version only: A log of all calculations done with a time stamp so you dont have to repeat calculating them. The application covers the following topics: A table of units. A table of physical constants. Forward and backward conversion between units (more than 50 conversions). From applied maths for engineers: 1- Geometry area and volume. 2- Finding the location of centroids of important shapes. 3- Finding the roots of 2nd,3rd,4th, and 5th degree equations with complex roots too. From electrical and electronic engineering: 1- A module for Ohms Law . It helps you find either Power,Resistance, Intensity, or Voltage. 2- Resultant sum of either of Resistances, Capacitors, or Inductances whether they are in series or in parallel. you can have up to 10 elements (which is more than enough) 3- A module to find the change in the value of the motor resistance of the wire windings after getting some heat through runtime 4- Voltage Drop 5- Resistance value using colour codes 6- Wheatstone Bridge 7- Butterworth Tee LC Filters (High pass and Low pass) 8- Chebychev Tee LC Filters (High pass and Low pass) 9- Butterworth equal component Filters (High pass and Low pass) 10- Pi attenuator 11- T-attenuator 12- Helix Antenna Design 13- Battery life 14- BJT Transistor Bias Voltage Calculation 15- Non-inverting op-Amp resistor 16- Zener diode 17- Radar Range From Mechanical Engineering: 1- Resultant sum of two forces acting at the same point 2- Using the altitude and the latitude given by the GPS in the phone, find the exact value of the gravitational acceleration of the earth. 3- Rectangular Beam Deflection (hollow and solid) 4- Round Beam Deflection (hollow and solid) 5- Internal screw thread shear area 6- External screw thread shear area 7- Cam-with-follower Profile determination. here you can see both the coordinates of the profile of the cam on a step of 1 degree only, and get the profile plotted so you can see how it would look like. The following are Functional ONLY in the Paid version Elect.Eng.: *- Light Lux meter M.Eng.: *- Shear and Shear Force *- Cartesian Fluid Flow Analysis. *- Beams : Moment of inertia+Section Modulus+Radius of Gyration. *- Beams : Stress & Deflection studies. *- Interpolation on Saturated Steam Tables *- Heat transfer through walls. *- Heat loss from pipes wrapped with insulators. Notice: ===== The application uses GPS. Its used only in taking the coordinates for the sake of calculations. If you are in doubt that we might steal your coordinates, you can use the manual input option. You have been warned. Thanks.-*

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