Family Locator & Safety – GPS Tracker



Familonet is a free Locator App that lets you stay connected with the people who matter to you most: your family & friends ★ Real time location tracking on a map – you can always see where your child or partner is – provided they authorized you to do so ★ Automatic push notifications when family members arrive at or leave their daily destinations such as school, home, or office – no more “Where are you?” texts ★ Enhanced safety through the integrated panic button including location sharing ★ Private chat function ★ Locate lost or stolen phones ★ Low battery consumption ★ Very easy to use for children ★ Every user decides who can see their real-time position at any time INTELLIGENT PLACES: Automatic notifications when family members, like children, grandma or grandpa safely arrive at and leave their daily places - such as school, work or home. CHECK-IN: Share your location with your group members REAL-TIME LOCATION SHARING: Share your location and locate / track others in real-time. You choose when and for how long MULTIPLE GROUPS: Create individual groups for all the people in your life: Family, friends, roommates CHAT: Share messages and images with your group members at highest data security standard PANIC BUTTON: Enhanced safety – send your group members your current location so they can find and help you. Lets parents give their child more freedom and allows the elderly to feel safe PHOTO ALBUM: All your pictures at a glance – save every moment shared in your group in a photo album All benefits at a glance: ★ More freedom and less worries for your child, parents and the elderly ★ Locate / track / find lost phones via the GPS tracker ★ Messaging and sharing according to highest standards of data security ★ Allows parents to feel close to their child ★ Children and teens are happy not having to call their parents all the time ★ The elderly feel safe and independent ★ Couples can stay connected thanks to GPS phone tracking ★ Enhanced safety, easier communication, and more freedom ★ Location-sharing technology made in Germany EASY DAILY LIFE ORGANIZATION AT ITS BEST Enhances daily communication of your family: Parents, children, grandma, grandpa. Also great for couples, friends or roommates. To function properly Familonet needs access to: In-app purchases - In-app billing of premium subscriptions Identity - Managing your Familonet user account Contacts - Adding other users to your groups Location - To share your location with your group members SMS - Send invitation SMS to your group members Photos/Media/Files - Send photos and create your profile picture Wi-Fi connection information - Check whether you are connected to the internet Device ID & call information - Verification of your phone number during registration

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