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It starts your own created story – you need to imagine where and why you are going. Secondly you can use app to feel like in a real garage there it is possible to choose a vehicle, repaint your car in favorite colors, change wheels, fix engine and drive to the other garage. A toy encourages kid not only to tap in the tablet, but also to talk as well as to develop imagination and creativity outside the apps. This app is created for the youngest users and it is perfect to develop skills for Android devices. Features: -6 different vehicles (a car, a truck, a fire fighters car, an ambulance and a motorbike) -6 types of wheel -Big wheel function -6 colors to paint a car -216 different ways to combine features -Constant development of creativity -Kid-friendly design -No advertising -No rules, no violence PyjamasApps strives to create apps in a way to strengthen kids abilities such as ability to play alone, ability to express meanings, ability to create and imagine and others that could be less developed with a high usages of IT products. At first, your kid will need a bit of your creativity and imagination but later it will play by himself.

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