IIJmio Coupon Switch

Internet Initiative Japan Inc.



IIJmio Coupon Switch (mioPON) can change your data rate at the high / low speed. When you have the max data volume that you can send and receive at the max speed named coupon on the IIJmio Mobile Service contract, you can control your data rate at the high or low speed with this application. To purchase coupon or check the detail of coupon volume, please visit IIJmio Web site ( https://www.iijmio.jp/service/setup/hdd/ ). In your home menu, mioPON is displayed as the app name instead of IIJmio Coupon Switch. On/Off switching operation 1. Start mioPON from your home menu. 2. Login with your mioID and password. 3. Select a telephone number whose data rate you would like to control. 4. Tap apply button. * Note: Please wait about 1 minute if you switch on and off continually. Other functions - Touch on hdd to display the coupon volume. - Touch on the phone number of the SIM card to display the data volume of the usage. -- The data volume of usage is updated every few hours. It is not the latest data volume of the usage. Please use it as an aim. -- If three days total data volume of usage at the low speed data rate is over 366MB, the data rate is limited. The notification of OFF時 通信規制中 is appeared below the data volume of the usage. - Touch and hold the phone number of the SIM card to display the memo field. This application does not show the coupon volume which distributed to each SIM card. And also the value of total coupon volume is not including these coupon volume. About @iijmio https://twitter.com/iijmio This is the official Twitter account of IIJmio. We tweet the useful information about IIJmio service in Japanese. Software License Agreement To use this application, you need to agree with the following Software License Agreement. https://www.iijmio.jp/guide/agreement/miopon.jsp

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