Kids Games (4 in 1) part 2




“Kids games 4-in-1” part 2 is the second set of exciting kids games, that educate children on certain skills, keeping them engaged and entertained at the same time, giving parents an extra free hour. This set includes 4 different games at option. The game “popcorn” will give your child an opportunity to develop its motility, turning corns into popcorn. The game “labyrinth” will exercise logical thinking. Here you need to find the way through the labyrinth, gathering different perks and bonuses on the way. The game “feed me” will let to develop childs memory by means of collecting and memorizing food for different animals. Here you can use the “help” button, which will prompt which food eats one or another animal. The game “who says it” will teach your child to distinguish animals by their sounds.

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