Icon Calendar Free




This is a very pretty calendar that you can add icons on a date and can manage your plans It is so cute and convenient You can add 5 icons on a date and can save your plans of the day with a text, too It is very easy to use Just press the Add button ( dog & plus button ) and select where you want to display icons on a date. *☓ button is 「Close」button. Tap the screen under the selected date, then a keyboard will be displayed. You can save the text messages to manage your plans of the day *How to delete icons* 1 .Select the same icon that has already been displayed on the date. 2. Tap the icon on the date. *Menu Buttons* 1. Setting: You can customize the calendar. 2. Password: Set the password. 3. Backup: You can save data to SD card. *Calendars Buttons (from the left)* 1. 「Icon Add」button: Tap this button to add icons. 2. 「Today」button: Go back to the todays date. 3. 「Left」&「Right」button: Move the date right and left. *Text Entering Windows buttons(from the left) * 1. 「Move the data to the previous day」button 2. 「Move the data to the next day」button 3. 「Delete」button ※Pay version:No ads display

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