Easter Eggs Hidden Objects




Easter Eggs hidden objects game - new free game for spring time. Easter fest is coming together with the long-awaited spring This is the time that most kids and toddlers love. The days are getting longer and warmer. All that magic of spring is presented in this game. Feel breath of fresh air and sun playing this awesome, very entertaining game. This hidden game is full of such objects like: colored eggs, funny bunnies, many birds, beautiful flowers, funny cats, chickens, ducks, frogs. Its a game for all ages. The main theme of the game is easter and sunny, colorful spring. Each from 15 levels contains 10 objects to find: - Clear level to get access to next one - Proper hits add 50 points - 3 missed in row hits substracts 25 points. - Find hidden objects as fast as you can to get more points - Repeat each level as many times, as you want to beat records