FCR Call Escape - Shake for fake call




Get yourself out of awkward situations at any time with a fake call escape Just shake your phone to receive a call or message You can shake your phone again to stop the call, or just tap the fake call/message screen When you open the app you can select whether you want your shake to send yourself a spoof message or a fake call. You can also customize the required shake strength to trigger the call/message. This app is completely free and there are no charges at all - calls and messages received are completely fake and not really sent over any network - so you dont need any signal or internet connection FCR Call Escape is a great spoof calling app to trick your friends with, use it as a prank, to escape a boring lesson or meeting, or maybe you just miss hearing your phone ring... Discreet app name (FCR) so you dont get caught Works great on most devices - some devices may experience a few seconds delay between shaking and receiving the call/message.

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