Leaf Pro Java Obfuscator

Zandi Digital



The Leaf Obfuscator version 2 is a complete rebuild of the first version. It has its own custom file explorer for easy to use obfuscation of Java code, and for saving directly back into the Java file selected with one touch as needed. Accompanying options provide direct interaction with Leafs pre-obfuscation and during obfuscation routines. Can Leaf do global obfuscation? Yes, in the full paid version. Is Leaf a code optimizer? Absolutely, Leaf2 Pro targets output for high security arrayed obfuscation via in-line variable sets and other variable declarations in youre Java code. It arranges variables into random named arrayed variables, also adding random math solves at the indices when applicable; even very tough to read re-formatting output without errors. The unpaid version has all the exact same features as the full version except for saving and direct shortcuts from Leafs file explorer. It includes well tested parse error checking and character encoding throughout, with options to control how Leaf searches and finds specific code for obfuscation. Syntax highlighting is also there if needed. Leaf2 Pro is a hard coded app for developers that uses no third party resources and no types of adware, malware, or etc. The app is strictly custom built for ease of use but very effective obfuscation of Java code. ***** UPDATED TO 2.4.83, Bug terminated at pre-obfuscation checks; was adding null values with to in-line variables values settings from previous declared values by variable name(s.) Formatting of different for statements fixed and other private security matters. Contact zaelmei44@gmail.com if you have any serious questions or reporting to do. ***** UPDATED TO 2.5.26, Bug terminated at global obfuscation; was reformatting valid lists twice during parsing. Obfuscation of global variables available now with unpaid version. Other fixes done and optimization of parsing in Leafs interpreter calls. ***** UPDATED TO 2.5.39, Bug terminated at file explorer on exception refresh methods indices. Other issues of fixes and optimization edited. ***** UPDATED TO 2.5.87, Make string obfuscation engine feature added at options activity. Other changes made and fixes. ***** UPDATED TO 2.648, Fixed minor output error of string obfuscation class. Added option obfuscate methods parameters on/off, available now for free or full version. ***** UPDATED TO 2.6.57, Save file issues fixed and other.

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