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Incheon International Airport Corporation



About Incheon Airport You can receive real-time status notification of your flight. You can also get a view of all shopping stores, facilities and airport information just by one touch. Dont get lost in the airport anymore Dont know what to do and where to go for departure/arrival processes? Dont know how to spend the remaining time until your flight? Have you missed the plane because you were too into shopping? Now, you can rely on Incheon Airport Guide mobile app. From the departure/arrival guide and navigation inside the airport to real-time notification of flight, you can enjoy easy journey to and through the Incheon airport [Features] 1. Omni Search Search for anything you want to know about Incheon Airport with Omni Search 2. Shortcut menu setting Make a shortcut for your favorite menus from the home screen 3. Departure / Arrival Procedure Find out airport routes and information from our departure, arrival, transfer and greeting guides. 4. Flight Information Simple search of departure/arrival flight schedule at the Incheon International Airport 5. myPlan Real time notification of flights on your bookmark Quick search and add of stores, facilities and transportations info 6. Transportation Information on transportation to/from the airport such as buses, rail road & taxi Nearest station 7. Directions At The Airport Directions from the current point to destination. 8. Parking Guide Congestion at parking lot, My car location service, Parking fee calculation, etc. Enjoy your journey with the Incheon Airport Guide mobile app. Thank you *Please be alerted that an error may occur if you force this app to be terminated.

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