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NAVY GUNNER HELICOPTER WARAction packed navy war game for free!The battle starts in the middle of the sea when enemies find your presence near their stronghold. The Snipers have taken their places, the tanks, Humvees are on their positions. The Gunship helicopter and aircraft F16 are in the air and the navy boats and ships are on high alert. It's a call of heroes and you must fight till your last breath.Use your anti-terrorism combat skills. Don't leave the mission unfinished and destroy their boats, ships choppers and F16 aircrafts. Upgrade your weapons and move around the island of dead. Keep firing on the enemies with your deadly techniques, kill them all.* Switch between mini gun and missile*Do not waste the missile as they are limited*Naval Battles*Destroy Gunboats*Deflect attacks from enemy Gunship Helicopters and aircraft F16s*Powerups to help you gain advantage in the heat of battle.*and many more...please visit our facebook and web pages and follow us in facebook and twitter:facebook: