Fast battery charging (Super Charger)




Fast Battery Charging free app for android phone to charge mobile fast and reduce charging time. Android phones are facing battery life common issues. Fast battery charging is one of the simplest tool and solution to charge your phone fast. Fast charging battery reduce the charging time and save your time and energy. Free fast battery charging initialize a limitation for your device whenever it is connected to a power source. Then your device use a special mechanism to boost your charging time, Takes a less amount time to charge. This thing increase the charging speed and reduce the time. When you connect your charger with the phone, It will detect and limit the power consumption of your phone/tablet and close the heavy resources app that takes more power then your battery doesnt withdraw much power during the charging time and therefore it can charge very quickly and fast. How to use fast battery charger ♥ Launch the app and plug in your charger in phone ♥ Open charging mode and start boost for charging fast. ♥ It will automatically turn off the WiFi and Bluetooth and enhance charging power. Features of super fast charging: ♥User friendly GUI. ♥View status about battery temperature ♥View status your RAM usage ♥Battery remaining status ♥Automatically turn off WiFi ♥Automatically turn off Bluetooth ♥Open App at Charger Connect settings ♥Kill screen at screen turn On settings Fast Battery Charger latest features ♥Different color scheme Settings ♥Battery Time notification in settings

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