Aggredior Tank Game

Michael Spoida


***IMPORTANT INFO: Please take a look at the video (above on this side) befor downloading. A lot of users dont understand the special user interface of this game. And Im tired of reading all the comments of users who expect something else. And please consider: This game is completely for free. Thanks*** Aggredior is a strategical turn-based tank game for two players at one device. Smartphone or Tablet. Description: Choose how many tanks, shots and obstacles you want in this tactical game. The map is generated by random, so you get with every start a new map. The game has a Shot-Tuning setting, so you can decide the handling of shoots by yourself. Short tutorial: 1. Try to destroy the headquarter of the enemy 2. You can move or attack with each unit. 3. Drive a tank: Mark the tank and touch somewhere on the map. The tank will drive to this destination. But you have a movement radius 4. Attack: Mark your tank or headquarter and scroll the map, that you can see the enemy. Now press the attack button. Put the finger on your marked unit and slide with the finger into the direction of the enemy. Not too fast. Not too slow. Thus, the shot is fired. 5. Hide your tanks behind trees. So the enemy can not reach you. So he must destroy the tree at first. Ready for: App2SD. General: It makes a lot of fun. Challenge a friend of you and destroy his headquarter. But take care The headquarter can fire back. Find out the best tank general. Passing the time while driving to school and play it in the bus or tram. Fill your pauses or meet friends to play against each other. My favorite setting is: 4 tanks, 1 shot and the map: In The Palm Grove. I wish you a lot of fun Tank combat hunting for 2 (two) players. Steel tank battle and wargame with fighting and shooting rockets / missiles as an hunter in a war on the desert map with palms. (Action and shooter game.)

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