Word Hex Key: Puzzle On Hexa




Guess whos the word master? Maybe you are Find the hidden words in our hexa blocks and challenge to crack the words with friends. Youll be amazed by this brain training game. This is the most fun board game to train your mind and brain, and test your spelling as well. To get through the puzzle you must think hard and flexibly. And, like the game title says, you must rack your brain to get the hex key. The levels get trickier and sometimes seem impossible. However, try search the grid from a different perspective. Use your logic and maybe the answer is just around the corner We offer: - 580 challenging levels in 30 packs; - Various arrangements of hex blocks in each grid; - Infinite fun and challenging brain teasers. To play Word Hex Key: - Swipe the letters in all six directions around the hex block; - Use hints whenever you need them; - Become a word maestro