Keypad Locker Pro

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Keypad Locker Pro is one of the best professional keypad lock screen application with IOS keyboard. With this Keypad screen lock you can not only Slide to unlock your screen lock,but also Set password/passcode/pin to enhance your phone security. It allows you to use wallpaper from your gallery for each of passcode buttons and change shape of the password.Unlock screen is impossible without right password,Keypad Locker is an application to secure your phone.This Keypad lock screen is the best choice for who are getting bored of their default launcher screen lock. Features: ★ Beautiful Wallpaper HD,Cool looks and nice graphical interface. ★ Add a photo to each of passcode buttons from app wallpaper or gallery. ★ Easy to change passcode/password/pin buttons shape. ★ Custom background from gallery. ★ wallpaper glass effect,consume less memory and battery. ★ Display real time clock and date. ★ Disable home/menu/back key in Keypad Lock screen,so no one can access your phone without right password or passcode. ★ Security : easy to set password/passcode/pin,change and use,you can set 4 digits password to enhance your phone security. ★ Slide to unlock. ★ Use Iphone IOS keyboard,work as iphone password. ★ Iphone IOS Font ★ Show unread message and missed call ★ Show message content ★ custom Slide to unlock text. ★ Protect your mobile with keypad locker ★ custom text color

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