Adventuring Company


Role Playing


Youve heard tales that a Red Dragon possesses immeasurable wealth and youre interesting in getting a piece. Accompanied by a motley crew of mercenaries, you must delve into the depths of the Red Dragons lair. As your adventuring company descends into the depths, youll battle goblins, centaurs, nagas and even the willpower of your crew, as your gold supplies dwindle -- mercenaries dont work for free, after all. Can you claim the treasure of the Red Dragon, or will you serve as morbid warning to future thieves? * Streamlined roguelike gameplay, designed for mobile * 6 heroes with unique abilities * 10 levels of dungeon crawling * More than 10 different monsters to fight ** This version of the application was an entry to the Trials of Oryx roguelike design competition in December 2013. You can read more about it here ** Follow development of Adventuring Company: and @slothwerks on Twitter. ** If you run into any issues, please email and provide the type of phone youre seeing an issue on.

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