Face Scanner: Vampire Monster




Face Scanner: Vampire Monster - a simulator of the scanner person determines which of monsters, zombies, vampires and other evil spirits is right for you ATTENTION Scanner Face Vampire Monster - this is only a simulation, the results of which are determined randomly. Scanner created just for fun, as a joke application. The application can scare, so do not install it if you have mental problems or heart Like the legend of the monster? Imagine yourself with vampire fangs? Read maybe you fit one of mythology - Minotaur or Cyclops and Cerberus may or centaur? Or maybe a werewolf or a witch? Although it is possible you will approach an orc, troll or goblin? Or youve seen the Yeti, a mermaid, or seen this ghost? Scan scanner persons themselves or their friends to find out what will suit you monster This scanner is really a lot of monsters Try to collect all scanning all around And do not forget to save the results of the analysis of social networks to brag to your friends Find a scanner any monster from fanged vampire to zombies And do not be afraid, because the monsters exist only in legends We are almost sure

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