Easy Local Call (Area Code)

CheolJu Kim



Traveling to another places, have you experienced difficulties to find where I am or what is the area code for local call? Now you dont need worry about that any longer. Wherever you are, the area code will be provided automatically. [Easy Local Call Key Features] 1) Your location: Your current location is displayed (this is much faster to check it than any other map apps). 2) Area code: Area code is provided automatically, so just type the number itself (except area code) and press call to make a local call easily. 3) Update Now: Updates the area code based on current location. 4) Update Interval: Updates area code info periodically in the background. - Interval can be set between 30min. and 12 hours. - If you move much, please choose relatively short one (You can turn it off by selecting No Update). 5) Save number: The number you typed can be saved into contact. 6) Import a number from call log. 7) User area code - In case of the location whose area code is not supported by this app, you can set/edit the area code by yourself. 8) User feedback - In case the area code by this app is not correct or your location is not currently supported, you can send the correct area code to developer. And it will be updated in the next version. 9) Quick number: Place a number to # button, and this will provide area code and mobile exchange number in turn, for example. 10) Other - Please this app requires requires network connection (wifi or base station, etc) to check the area code, and it may take some time depending on network/server status. - Location info. might be different to actual one, but not crucial to decide the area code. - Area code is supported in the following areas for now. . South Korea . US - Washington/California/Arizona/Idaho/Nevada/Oregon/Montana/Wyoming/Utah/Colorado/Alabama/Arkansas/Tennessee/Florida/Georgia/South,North Dakoda (other states and countries under development). . UAE(United Arab Emirates) . Palau (Republic of Palau) . Afghanistan . Ethiopia . Pakistan . Saudi Arabia (partial) . Haiti . Bangladesh (partial) . Malaysia . Congo . Ghana * Underway for other countries.