India GK Questions




This Application will improve your general knowledge about India. Application will help you in your carrer plan and helps in preparation of other government exams.  Here you will be able to know some of the important things happened, History events , Insight into Politics , Knowledge about Economy, Geography, Famous Places and Culture. If you want to buy the source Code contact us on Features: 1. 625+ questions that prepare you for any type of GK Quiz and Test. 2. Provide an option for users to practice his/her own answers as your application will present you with a question. User can think of his answer then compare how his answer is different from our answer. 3. Questions have been categories in Section for ease of use. 4. User Can Share Questions on Email, Facebook, SMS etc SAMPLE QUESTIONS (Application has more tham 625 Questions) Q. ) There was a sharp class division at Harappa and Mohen-jodaro. This is clear from the A. Indus seals excavated B. religious beliefs of the Harappans C. tools and implements used by the Harappans D. different types of dwellings excavated Answer: Option D Q.) The world famous Ajanta caves are situated in A. Orissa B. Andhra Pradesh C. Kerala D. Maharashtra Answer: Option D

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