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This application delivers the real time earthquake alert news and notification to users along with information about past earthquakes at Nepal. Stay updated with regular videos and photos of activities happening at Nepal regarding earthquake. Features:- ✔ Recent Earthquake data from USGS / National Seismological Centre ✔ Get notified whenever earthquake happens at Nepal of magnitude greater than 4 ✔ List of Past earthquakes occurred in Nepal since 1994 ✔ Probability of most risky areas for a Mw 6.5+ earthquake for current month ✔ 7 Days, Magnitude 4.0+ Worldwide from USGS ✔ Take screenshot of the current screen and share it to your friends ✔ Stats on the damages brought by earthquake ✔ Get updated with news ✔ Gallery of Earthquake damages, relief works etc. ✔ Videos related to earthquake in Nepal ✔ Emergency contact addresses of Nepal Police and Hospitals ✔ Tips for being safe from Earthquakes ✔ Donate information for PM Relief fund, Nepal ✔ Access data offline Disclaimer : The content of this app are powered by different sources:- - Earthquake activities data are taken from National Seismological Centre,Nepal ( - Stats on damages are taken from Nepal Disaster Risk Reduction Portal ( - Probability of most risky areas for a Mw 6.5+ earthquake is being taken from - 7 Days, Magnitude 4.0+ Worldwide from USGS - Videos of earthquake related activities are powered by youtube. We do not upload any videos. Contact the uploader if any issues. - Photos are collected from different sources, as mentioned in the photo caption in app App notifications can be turned off manually via Settings panel in the app. Earthquake Nepal assumes no liability for any harm caused by use of this application.