Learn Car Driving Theory


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Do you want to learn driving a car without running around driving school? Then this is the app you should install. Sit home and just learn all the theory needed pre-driving. It is really simple in theory, which you need to understand. The understanding of basics theory correctly gives you a foundation for learning the driving. If you follow this application basic rules and go on the road, then quickly you will figure out that driving is a real easy and enjoyable task, if you have planned it. This app will help you to learn basic vehicle controls, parking concepts, the basic safety measure, how to get learner and driving license in India, best practices on the road etc. The App contains 9 topics as below. ─────────────────────── 1. GETTING STARTED ─────────────────────── 2. SELECTING A DRIVING SCHOOL ─────────────────────── 3. BASIC VEHICLE CONTROL ─────────────────────── 4. START, STOP, AND STEERING WHEEL ─────────────────────── 5. FAMILIARIZE WITH GEARS ─────────────────────── 6. REVERSE GEAR AND PARKING ─────────────────────── 7. UPHILL AND IN TRAFFIC ─────────────────────── 8. BE ALERT STAY SAFE ─────────────────────── 9. ENJOY YOUR DRIVING ─────────────────────── Wish you safe and enjoyable learning experience.

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