Advance Computer & Ms-Office Complete Course




-- Advance Computer & Microsoft Complete Tutorial has offer brief introduction on Computer and Microsoft office in details. This Basic to Advance Computer Fundamentals application will help and introduce the basics and advance of Computer to those who do not have any knowledge about computers and Microsoft OFFICE. Advance Computer Science Complete Course is computer science and education offline App which share each and every thing about computer in details. Advance Computer & Microsoft Tutorial App offer complete course to learn complete computer science and also complete Microsoft office course,. This app will help you in your study if you student of computer science or software engineering and other people can also get benefit form it. If you are beginner to the computer science, so dont worry,with this Advance Computer & Microsoft Tutorial app you will learn each and everything related to computer science.When it comes to learning , technology, Computer so this field touches sky. This course also know as Introduction To Computing Or CS101 which will normally offer to student of computer science and software engineering in university. Advance Computer & Microsoft Tutorial is great app for those who are starting to learn computer basics such as what is computer, Types of computer, input and output devices etc. This application is for beginners and as well as for advance users .Advance Computer & Microsoft - Complete Course is full Error free App and follow special protocol. Advance Computer & Microsoft Tutorial App contains 4 secession. 1 Introduction to Computing OR Computer Basic 2 Computer Shortcut 3 Learn Office 4 Mcqs of all Topic 1 : In Computer Basic secession you will learn the following : Classification of Computer . computer Tutorial • Types of Computers • Super Computers • Main Frame Computers • Mini Computers - Finding Error Overhead - Basic of Computers - Foundation or History of computer - Introduction FTP Protocol - microcomputer - microprocessor - Computers Output Devices & input Devices - Printer and its types - Storage Devices - Computer Networking - Introduction of NIC - LAN (Local Area Network) - WAN (Wide Area Network) - Introduction of WLAN - Internet vs Intranet and it use - Introduction of Encryption - Introduction of Proxy Server - The Effects of IT - Introduction of SDLC - Building Personal Computer - Microprocessor - IC Overhead - Micro-controller - Cache Memory - CU and ALU in CPU - Introduction of FPU in CPU - Register in CPU - Computer Software Tutorial - Introduction of Computer Hardware - Types of Computer Software - Language Translators - Operating System Tutorial - Firmware - Utilities Software - Compiler - Interpreter - Device Driver - Custom Build Software - Software License - Freeware - Shareware - Trialware - Open Source Software - Application Software - System Software - Business Software - Entertainment Software - Educational Software - Engineering Software - Introduction of E Mail - Process Management - Memory Management - Device Management - Application Interface - Kernel Overhead - Types of operating system - Word Processing - Desktop Publishing - Algorithms - Life of Al-Khwarizmi - Flowchar - Telnet protocol 2 Computer Shortcut Tutorial: - In this secession you will learn the important computer shortcut and in details. 3 Learn Office Tutorial: - In this secession you will learn complete - Microsoft word Tutorial 2013 or 2016 - , Microsoft Excel Tutorial 2013 or 2016 - PowerPoint Tutorial 2013 or 2016 in details and with home work tasks. We will go from basic to advance level and after finishing this course you will be Microsoft Expert. 4 Mcqs of all Topic: Mcqs of all Topic secession contains 3 sub part. In first part you will learn computer basic mcqs and in second Introduction of Computer shortcut Mcqs and in third, Complete Microsoft office Mcqs.

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