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Have you ever wondered how to say I love you in another language? Find out on HiNative Ask questions about English, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, German, Italian, and over a hundred other languages and dialects. Get answers to your questions from native speakers in a matter of minutes. Spread the language learning love by helping other users learn your native language. Welcome to the friendliest, most helpful language learning community in the world, where you can ask whatever you want and learn for free. The #1 online language learning app for language learners. Over 2 million registered users worldwide. Google Plays Best of 2017 Features Audio Uploads - Want to check your pronunciation? Curious about a certain areas accent? Need some handy phrases for your upcoming trip abroad? Just record your questions and ask. Let the world hear you Question Formats - Asking questions made simple. All you need to know are the words, phrases, or sentences that you need help with, and HiNative question formats will do the rest. We automatically translate your questions into other users native languages. Learn how to speak a language without knowing how to speak it in the first place Pictures - Not sure how to write something? No problem Sometimes a picture is better than words. Upload images of signs, menus, labels, and even that rad Chinese character youre considering getting a tattoo of. Just snap a picture and ask away Ask About Countries & Cultures - Traveling soon? Moving abroad? Ask natives the important questions that only locals can answer. Get information about local customs, famous landmarks, the cheapest (but tastiest) restaurants, or even opinions on current events. Over 110 Languages to Learn - You can ask about English (US), Japanese, Korean, Spanish (Spain), French (France), Simplified Chinese (China), Russian, Arabic, Spanish (Mexico), Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Traditional Chinese (Taiwan), German, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Thai, Ukrainian, Turkish, Vietnamese, English (UK), Spanish (Columbia), Polish, Norwegian, Indonesian, Malaysian, Klingon, and many more Unlike a dictionary, web search, or translation software, HiNative provides you with customized example sentences, responses to your follow-up questions, and tips to improve your pronunciation. Ask about vocabulary, how to write and speak, pronunciation, grammar, and get great tips from native speakers. You can even practice your listening comprehension HiNative brings the entire world to your fingertips, wherever you are. Its never been this easy to connect, help, and learn. Try HiNative today and change the way you study languages for the better. ====== HiNative is run by the creators of Lang-8, one of the most popular language learning sites on the web, with over a million users worldwide. Lang-8 - http://lang-8.com/ ====== Please send feedback and comments to: support@hinative.com Use HiNative on the Web at: https://hinative.com/ Come say Hi on: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/hinative/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/HiNativeEN

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