Fake Call Boyfriend

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Trendy fake call and boyfriend calling pranks - all in one great boyfriend app. Let the world watch as handsome boys, gorgeous celebrities or important officials call you Get out of boring meetings, uncomfortable conversations and awkward moments with fake call boyfriend prank hd. Schedule a call from random cute boys at any time you want It is the ultimate fake call boyfriend prank application that lets you give yourself fake calls from any one you want Let some pretty good looking and handsome boys rescue you from any kind of unwanted situation Fake call boyfriend prank app lets you choose a contact from your phones contacts or you can specify any name and number you like Add a photo of a beautiful boy and it will appear as your fake caller photo when you receive the fake call. Simply tap on the end call button to disconnect your fake call. Use fake call boyfriend prank to make your actual boyfriend jealous Boast in front of your guy friends with many beautiful boys calling you You can even use fake call boyfriend prank as an alarm clock, bender It is the perfect prank to play on friends and family For complete terms and conditions, please visit: http://halflystudios.blogspot.in/2017/05/terms-conditions.html For privacy policy, please visit: http://halflystudios.blogspot.in/2017/05/privacy-policy.html Adpolicy: http://halflystudios.blogspot.in/2017/05/about-ad.html Do not hesitate to share your feedback with us via halflystudios@gmail.com

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