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Notes,quiz,blog and videos of geology for civil engineering.It almost cover important topics chapter wise Chapter 1 The Earth in Space and Time 1. Solar System 2. Mass and Density of Earth 3. A Brief idea of the origin and the age of the Earth 4. Interior of the Earth 5. Density and Pressure within the Earth 6. The internal structure and composition of Earth 7. Earthquakes and volcanism 8. Volcanic and Earthquake belts Chapter 2 Mineralogy 1. Physical Properties of Minerals 2. Classification of various Rock forming Minerals 3. Introduction and preliminary study of principle Rock-Forming Mineral groups 4. Basic Classification of Igneous Rocks 5. Igneous Rocks 6. Sedimentary Rocks 7. Metamorphic Rocks 8. Introduction Rock-Forming Mineral groups 9. Silicates 10. Mica group 11. Chlorite,Clay minerals and sheet silicates group 12. Pyroxene,Pyroxenoid and Amphibole group 13. Disilicates 14. Carbonates, sulfates, phosphates, and borates 15. Oxides, hydroxides, and halides 16. Sulfides 17. Megascopic Properties of economically important Non-Silicate Minerals Chapter 3 Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology 1. Elementary knowledge of Magma and its Crystallization 2. Classification of Igneous Rocks 3. Textures and Structures of Igneous Rocks 4. Agents and Types of Metamorphism 5. Description of Common Metamorphic Rocks Chapter 4 Sedimentary Petrology 1. Texture and Structure of Rocks 2. Sedimentary Processes- Weathering 3. Transportation and Deposition 4. Sedimentary Rocks Chapter 5 Structural Geology 1. Topography and its Representation 2. Altitude of strata 3. Dip and strike 4. Outcrop patterns 5. Width of Outcrop and Thickness of beds 6. Structural Contours 7. Geological Maps 8. Folds 9. joints 10. Faults and their influence in Mining Operations

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