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Notes,quiz,blog and videos for advanced engineering chemistry. It almost cover important topics with their graphics chapter wise Chapter 1. Electronic Effect 1. Chemical properties of molecules 2. Hyper conjugation and steric effects 3. CARBONATES and Carbonium ion Chapter 2. Properties of simple monomers 1. Production of simple monomer 2. Ethylene Styrene 3. Vinyl Chloride Monomer 4. vinyl alcohol 5. Acrylic acid 6. Acrylates 7. Methyl methacrylate chapter 3. Oils and Fats 1. Vegetable oils by solvent extraction 2. Processing of animal fats 3. Hydrogenation and esterification of oils 4. Soaps and Detergents 5. Cationic and anionic detergents 6. CARPET CLEANING 7. Polishing and sanitation proportions 8. Surface Active Agents 9. Sulfonates Oil Chapter 4. Chemical Kinetics 1. Rate Law and Rate Constant 2. Molecularity and Order of Reaction 3. 1st, 2nd and 3rd order reactions 4. Determination of order of Reaction 5. Reaction rate theories 6. Arrhenius Chapter 5. Electrochemistry 1. Galvanic cell 2. EMF and its determination 3. Free energy concept 4. Nernst Equation 5. Standard Electrode Potentials 6. PH value 7. Debye & Huckel theory Chapter 6. Phase Rule 1. Phase 2. Degrees of Freedom 3. Component definition and derivation of phase rules

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