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Get on-the-go access to breaking news, India news, live coverage, photos, videos and more. The new app from the Indian Express is your one-stop solution for the news on the go. Stay updated with Entertainment news, Tech news, Gadgets news, India news, Politics news, Sports news, Cricket news and Bollywood news. Tap here for live news coverage on major events including sports, reviews, cricket and more. The Indian Express app has a first-of-its-kind text-to-voice feature allowing users to listen to their preferred news stories. The app also features night mode and a notification centre to keep tabs on breaking news through the day, and allows users to save articles to read offline. It offers improved sharing and navigation with its swipe-enabled card format design. The all-new ad-free ‘card + swipe layout enables better delivery of the latest India news stories, allowing users to check out multiple news headlines with every swipe. Not only does this mean better performance and content discovery, but it also enhances the overall user experience on the Indian Express app through a clean, seamless, and ad-free interface. Indian Express is the second-largest english newspaper website in India, with an expanding repertoire and rapidly expanding presence. Write to us & share your feedback & suggestions at

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