Inbox Messenger Lite




*** IMPORTANT *** This is NOT official Facebook application, and its not developed by Facebook *** Inbox Messenger *** Inbox Messenger has included both Messenger and Facebook, and do not require you to install separate Messenger application. See your friends posts and upload photos quickly and efficiently. Inbox Messenger is instant messaging application with ability to chat, send emoticons, videos, images, browse news feed, comments... with your Facebook friends. In every moment you have access to your inbox with new messages. With Inbox Messenger youre also able to send and receive private messages from your Facebook friends. *** Protect your messages by locking app with password *** Stop others seeing your messages by setting password. Protect your messages from others. When you set a password, Inbox Messenger will auto lock when goes to background, or comes in front. *** How to use *** Login using your Facebook account. From side menu or navigation bar access the section you want (messages, news feed, friend requests, etc...) *** PUSH NOTIFICATIONS *** Inbox Messenger now has push notifications, with option to set custom notifications title and text. *** Features *** - very low memory consumption - doesnt work in background - dark and light theme - no battery drain, no background services - saves battery life - doesnt use camera, microphone or users location - minimalist design - compatible with older Android versions (2.3+) - chat in groups supported. - option to protect messages by setting password - news feed, comments, videos, photos... all in one application - push notifications With Inbox Messenger, you can send and receive messages for free For every suggestion, problem or issue please contact us at a href=""<

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