Health & Fitness


1. InBody Review your bodys status with the InBody results, graphs, and interpretations. Connect with the personal InBody Dial to complete the InBody Test at home. (Search on Naver: InBody Dial) *Results may not be viewable depending on InBody model and Facility youve taken a test at. 2. Activity Record your activities to manage your daily calories spent. Connect with the InLab or InBodyBAND to view your step counts and active minutes more closely. (Search on Naver: InLab,InBodyBAND) 3. Report View your changes in consumed/spent calories and body composition in up to 1 month increments. 4. Ranking A feature that combines your InBody Score and last 7 day Steps to provide your ranking. Compare rankings with other members, as well as, friends saved in your smartphone. 5. Sleep Connect with the InBodyBAND to view your sleep time and detailed sleep minutes more closely. (Search on Naver:InBodyBAND) 6. Home View key summaries of your InBody Test, Activity, and Food features in the Main dashboard. Compatibility: Requires Android OS 4.3 or later.

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