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Welcome to the next evolution of the iDevices Connected app. Based on your feedback weve enhanced the app with several new features, while further simplifying many of the functions you use every day. The Connected App includes new software downloads for all iDevices products to enhance your smart home experience. Create and customize your smart home with iDevices products and the iDevices Connected app. Control, schedule and monitor your home from one central dashboard. With the iDevices Connected app, theres no need for hubs, subscriptions or fees. Stay connected to your home from anywhere using your Android device. The iDevices Connected app is compatible with any Android 4.3+ devices with Bluetooth® Technology. Compatible Products: * iDevices Switch * iDevices Outdoor Switch * iDevices Socket * iDevices Thermostat * iDevices Wall Switch * iDevices Wall Dimmer * iDevices Wall Outlet * iDevices Instant Switch iDevices Connected App Features: * Remotely access your home through the free iDevices cloud without the need for a login. * Set dynamic schedules for your HomeKit-enabled devices to fit your lifestyle. * Organize each of your iDevices products into ‘Rooms (i.e. Sarahs Bedroom) for simple navigation. * Personalize your experience with photos of your home and products. * Visual energy report quickly allows you to identify which iDevices products in your home are using the most energy so you can reduce usage and save money. *To enable Alexa and/or Google Assistant voice controls, iDevices smart home products require an Alexa-enabled accessory or a Google Assistant-enabled device. To get started, go to your app settings in the iDevices Connected app. Our iDevices Customer Experience Team is here to make sure you get the most out of the app and your products Contact with any questions you might have. As always, we will continue to improve the app based on your feedback, so keep the suggestions coming

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