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iDO calculator is a powerful smart calculator with mixed case to customize your digital life and scientific needs standardly !Its the perfect tool to solve your daily calculation. Exact calculate,exactly calculations,correct calculation. The new features: 1、Increase the conversion between degree and radian for exacter calculate. 2、Increase the conversion of number results into words for writing a personal check. 3、Increase results copy. Memory consumption: 2.6M, start up so quickly. Applicable occasions: -House loan calculate -Shopping budget calculate -Dining fee -All kind of charges -A calculator in upper primary mathematics,juior mathematics,senior mathematics. -A calc programming for chemistry,biology,physics,math,mathematics and the life sciences. THE KEY FEATURES OF CALCULATOR: -Arithmetic,four fundamental opreations. subtraction,addition,multiplication,division. Add,subtract,multiply,divide. -trigonometric function.sin,cos,tan,cot -logarithm,logarithmic calculate.log,lg,ln,e ln natural logarithm is the logarithm to the base e -conditions in parentheses are evaluated first -square root:√4=2 -power calculate:2^3=8 -extraction of a root -factorial: 4=24 , 6=1*2*3*4*5*6=720 -decimal point: 0.2+10.8=11 -pi constant,π -percentage -history stores the last 50 results -setting precision the expression -no ads,no advertisements -percentage -1 mode:standard calculator -2 mode:scientific Calculator IF YOU LIKE THIS APP PLEASE RATE IT. IT MOTIVATES US TO FURTHER IMPROVE THE APP AND WORK ON NEW INNOVATIVE FEATURES. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE Join G+ group: Facebook: Email:

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