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iBOLT Dockn Drive Community: https://plus.google.com/communities/117597739134268371946 ***Watch Video demo for optimal use of this app*** The Connected Car is here today With Dockn Drive up to 30 tiles can be set as large shortcuts to favorite apps and direct dials for frequently used contacts when driving. A floating icon appears when opening other apps, allowing users to go quickly back to the Dockn Drive interface. Combined with your favorite iBOLT car-dock and Accessories iBOLT Dockn Drive can make your driving experience more enjoyable and safer. The App takes advantage of your Android Smartphone. Set Bluetooth to turn automatically, WiFi to turn off, disable screen time out and many other options. When driving a great looking digital speedometer, an innovative “compass ring” and media play buttons optimized for apps like Play Music, Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn, Slacker etc. are seen on the screen. ----FUNCTIONALITY---- SPEEDOMETER & COMPASS The highly accurate GPS speedometer displays the speed in kilometers per hour (KPH) or Miles per hour (MPH). The compass ring always indicates in which direction the vehicle is moving. Touch the speedometer to switch between home and big screen. BURN-IN PREVENTION The Interface is moving from time to time 30 TILES TO CUSTOMIZE The main screen features 5 pages, each with 6 tiles that can be customized to feature your favorite apps, direct dial, link etc. Swipe left or right to move between screens. The “Edit Shortcuts” menu will let you add and delete shortcuts, change background color, skin, icon & font size and font color. DIMMER The User Interface features a Dimmer” for brightness adjustment (slider). Press the half moon to enable the sleep mode (moving clock). Touch the screen again and sleep mode is turned off. Great battery saving feature. BACKUP / RESTORE settings using Dropbox or local storage. --- CONVENIENCE & SAFETY --- IT CAN WAIT Place incoming text messages on hold while the Android phone is docked. When undocked messages are delivered to phone. Set auto reply message such as Driving right now, will get back to you shortly. FLOATING SHORTCUT Enable/Disable floating shortcut or change size and transparency AUTO ANSWER INCOMING CALLS TOOGLE BLUETOOTH Auto turn on Bluetooth when device is docked and turn off Bluetooth on undock. TOOGLE WI-FI HOTSPOT Make a hotspot available in your car WI-FI Choose if Wi-Fi should be disabled temporary or permanently when device is docked. DAILY ROADS VOYAGER Activate control buttons for DailyRoads Voyager (the app has to be installed separately) --- SPEED & TIME --- DIFFERENT DISPLAY OPTIONS FOR CLOCK AND SPEED Select between MPH/KPH, 12/24 hours and analog or digital clock --- ADDITIONAL SETTINGS --- HIDE NOTIFICATION BAR Hides the notification bar on top of screen or makes it visible. AUTO ENABLE THE ANDROID CAR MODE MOBILE DATA CONNECTION Disable use of mobile data by Dockn Drive App DISABLE SCREEN TIMEOUT Disable system screen timeout can be set while device is docked. TACTILE Make the phone vibrate when screen is touched. SET DEFULT MEDIA VOLUME & PLAYER Set the App music/sound volume to desired level when the device is docked and choose your default media player to control BRIGHTNESS MODES Set brightness mode to a default level while device is docked. Use “Day” and device will turn the brightness to max and “Night” to the lowest level. „Auto“ will use the light sensor. ROUTE TO SPEAKER: Route phone calls to phone speaker instead of a connected Bluetooth headset/main unit (not working on CDMA devices) CHECK GPS ON START If GPS is disabled open the settings screen NOTIFICATION ACCESS Disable hint for notification access in case you dont want to allow to access your notifications for displaying current song information. LAUNCH / EXIT APP DEPENDING ON CONNECTED BLUETOOTH DEVICE OK GOOGLE HOTWORD SUPPORT AUTO RUN Autostart additional app when app launches Only available on Android 4.4+

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