Kidney Surgery Simulator 3D

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Crazy Kidney Surgery Simulator 3D is a real surgery simulator game. Lots of patients are waiting in the hospital to get their kidney surgery simulation done. There is something wrong with their kidneys; Germs and Bacteria have attacked the kidney due to lack of water consumption. Complete their surgeries Simulator with the medical tools in your little clinic. You are the Crazy kidney surgeon. Take urgent care of the patients coming to your virtual hospital with kidney problems in an ambulance. Have fun with the crazy surgeries in the craziest Kidney Surgery Simulator game Here comes another patient in an ambulance. Theres an emergency. Look out whats wrong with his kidney. Give him proper treatment in emergency room before taking him to the surgery room. The treatment room has all the medications and tools to perform the surgery simulator. Save his life, avoid shaky hands so that there are no failed surgeries. Open up their stomachs. There are kidney transplant patients with other lungs, liver, hearts, stomachs, skin or plastic surgery history to keep in mind while operating in the virtual operation theater and working on diagnosis. Be a crazy surgeon. Enjoy amazing new crazy surgery simulator treatments. Perform realistic surgeries. Treat injuries, wounds and kill the germs. Kidney Doctor Game for kids Be the super doctor on demand, treat and medicate your kidney patients in a surgery room at your clinic. Enjoy amazing doctor games for all girls and boys The poor patients have painful expressions and a fear in their pretty face & eyes. Be the super star surgeon; Treat them with all the medical tools and medicines at the doctors office. Your crazy treatments need Stethoscope, ECG machine, thermometer, blood pressure apparatus, antiseptic creams, injection simulator, scallop and medicine for treating the swelling, wounds, cuts and injuries. Dont forget to clean away the blood and bacteria to avoid infection for the little baby kids. You are going to play the role of a kidney doctor, help your patients gain good health and recover. Kidney Surgery Simulator Features √ Call a patient in the surgery room √ Check heart beat with a stethoscope √ Check blood pressure with the apparatus √ Use an ECG machine to check heart function √ Check temperature of the little virtual patient with a thermometer √ Cut the skin with laser and tap to open √ Clear the green infection √ Use a dropper √ Use an injection to remove the harmful pimples √ Use an air pump √ Fill in the blood √ Close the cut and staple them Kidney Surgery Simulator has so much fun options to try crazy surgery simulator at your clinic. Kill those germs causing pain and diseases. There is a biggest rush of patients waiting outside your clinic to get treated. Doctor games have never been this awesome. Become the real doctor and crazy surgeon to perform the surgery simulator on your patients. Test your skills, become a professional surgeon, treat patients with painful expressions and make them healthy and happy again. The amazing best doctor is here to make this surgery full of fun. Do you dream to become a surgeon and help heal the sick patients? Be the crazy doctor, start treating patients and have fun. Perform real surgeries in Crazy Surgery Simulator 3D. Such doctor games are casual games to play in your spare time while you get to experience this career as well. Its free kids games Enjoy intense virtual simulation surgeries and operations, one of the best free doctors games for kids and surgery games. You are the kidney doctor who is famous and the best surgeon in virtual surgery simulator. To get into a happy patients diary, you need to be careful and treat your patients well. Good luck with the treatments, healing and recovery

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