Easy maze game




Easy maze game You want the top of the ball by sliding it to the left of the bottom right Herd in the direction of the ball with your fingers and then move. Please re-touch to move in the other direction. Game is to touch the ball to move to the destination. May be more than one destination is represented as a small rectangle. Be passed through all 02 destinations the maze is solved. Only move in a straight line, and the ball does not stop until the walls and encounter once you move. In the direction you want to move the ball is when you lightly touch it. Screen will be displayed when the path taken to solve the problem on top of the destination number and the maze. Shortest path to move it enough to try to think of another game because to touch the ball before it nice His head enough to take advantage of interactive Easy maze game maze game has made it easier than The person who solved all the easy maze game Maze game can be downloaded from the Android Market.