Get that Girls Phone Number



Do you believe in fate? So you worked up the courage to talk to a cute girl and would like to ask her out on a date, but are not sure how to do it or are just too shy? This app is a fun way to do it. “Hey, do you believe in fortunetelling?” - “Ummm… I dont know…” “Lemme show you this awesome app, itll blow your mind” Hottie takes your phone, enters her name, and it looks like a fortunetelling game, but then soon she finds out its her destiny to give her phone number to this cool guy she just met (YOU), and you two can share a nice laugh and take it from there. A simple tool to help you pickup girls, flirt, make new friends... shy guys dont go home and kick yourself for not even asking for that hot babes number ever again The developer welcomes your comments, suggestions, and field reports NEW: Instantly take a photo of the beauty and save for future reference

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