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Get the BREAKING NEWS from URDU NEWS online easily We share with you info / links to more than 115 news sources that cater the need of Urdu readers around the world. This simple app make it easier for you to browse Urdu news info / link in ONE PLACE. ADDED SPECIAL FEATURES: 1) Collection of 40 Urdu love poems. 2) Collection of 40 Urdu ghazals. 3) Collection of 40 funny Urdu SMS are also here. 4) Collection of 40 awesome Urdu jokes to cheer your day :-) 5) Collection of 40 delicious Urdu recipes for you. 6) Listen to Quran with Urdu translation easily. 7) Hear Urdu base radio links from around the globe. 8) Take note from anywhere, anytime easily with Note feature. 9) Snap that barcode easily with Barcode Scan feature. 10) Snap and get any information from QR Code with the QR Scan feature. 11) Countdown for 2019 is now on with the Countdown feature. 12) Ability to search any information within the app with Search feature. 13) Ability to share any info in this app easily. MAJOR UPDATE WITH LOTS OF NEW FEATURE JUST FOR YOU: 1) QR Code List feature - Easily manage all your QR Codes in one place 2) Record Voice - Record and Share your voice / audio 3) BMI - Body Mass Index Calculator and result 4) Simple native calculator 5) Custom Calendar 6) Amazing Picture Effects for your picture 7) Digital Signature - Save and Share it easily 8) Goal Tracker for your everyday goal 9) Boxing / Sport score card 10) Customised Golf scorecard for golf lover 11) Favorite page 12) Simple Throw Game inside the app and many more :-) We hope you will love it. Thanks INFO: This is just a simple app that help you browse all your favourite news link in one place plus MANY OTHER AWESOME FEATURES We hope that the development of this App will help you get all the breaking news fast DISCLAIMER: All the info in this app belongs to the respective news channel. We do not have any affiliation with them. We only built simple app that make it easier for you to view all the news from various news sources in Urdu easily. Thanks.