Landscaper 3D: Mower Transport

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Welcome to Landscaper 3D: Mower Transport A mower is a very important tool for a landscaper, it is also important that you can transport the mower to different locations. To transport the mower you have to use a tractor and a trailer. Not every location where you have to transport the mower to is the same, so its also important that you have a lot of driving skills with the tractor and trailer, its possible that you have to drive reverse for example. In this Mower Transport edition of Landscaper 3D youll face 15 different situations where you can test your driving skills. How to play: To finish a level you first have to load the mower onto the trailer, to do that follow the blue arrows. After youve loaded the mower, you have to enter the tractor. After youve entered the tractor you have to attach the trailer, to do that follow the red arrows. Finally you have to park your tractor and trailer into the yellow parking space, to do that follow the yellow arrows. Landscaper 3D: Mower Transport features: - Realistic animations - Easy controls - Cab view with side mirrors - Google Play Games - Realistic environment When you enjoyed Landscaper 3D: Mower Transport please support us by following us on Twitter: Facebook:

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