Farm Cattle Transporter 3D

Jansen Games



Welcome by Farm Cattle Transporter 3D In this simulation game youll learn the skills that you need to take the cattle to another place. You have to steer the livestock trailer in very tiny spots, when you have to much space left, the cows can escape This game is special for people that like farming, drive the tractor and attach the trailer, after that drive into the cow yard and put the cattle into the trailer. So, want a realistic farm livestock simulator? Then download Farm Cattle Transporter 3D Farm Cattle Transporter 3D Features: - Google Play Games - Camera change - Realistic environment - Realistic physics based on reality - Realistic vehicles - Great controls with the onboard steering wheel, gas pedal, and brake pedal So, want to experience the feeling of a farmer who have to transport his cattle to another place? Then test your skills in Farm Cattle Transporter 3D. If you like this game, please rate, and follow me on Twitter: Facebook:

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