This is a unique and very challenging game based on the match3 game style. If you just want a casual game to waste a few minutes then this is for you, Its fun, addictive and simple to play, and will keep you coming back for more. So why not challenge your family and friends, Colourful graphics and simple gameplay, there is no timelimit but the faster you play the bigger the score. When numbers have been removed from the grid, new numbers will fall in from the top. try and group them together for the bigger scores. Look out for bonus tiles ( multipliers and bonus points ) to push that score up. See if you can get the highest score or the most moves and become the worlds best player There is a world leaderboard, but now there is also a Weekly leaderboard, so keep trying you may become the best for a week How to Play - Click on any group that has 3 or more blocks - They will disappear just leaving the one you clicked on - This block will then increase in value - See how high a number you can get Features - Simple, Fun and Addictive Gameplay - World and Weekly Highscores - Colourful Graphics - Multiple leaderboards - Challenging So why not try the next must have game that everyone is playing. # Update on 30-11-2017 # - lots of new features, extra leaderboard, bonuses on tiles # Update on 07-01-2018 # - Balancing and Bugfixes # Update on 24-01-2018 # - Refactoring Leaderboards - Bug Fixes

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