Ghost Guns

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Get the biggest and largest ghost weapons with authentic real sounds collection app ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Take it with you everywhere you go. Use your android device as ultimate fun weapon and play with your new virtual shooting app Prank your mother, father, sister, brother, cousin, girlfriend, boyfriend, kids, dogs, boss, cats, birds, anything you even can imagine with this awesome guns shooting sounds fun app. Get it now and have a ghosts style battle with your friends or co-workers. -= Features =- ➤ Real shooting sounds ➤ Shots stats ➤ Awesome guns animations ➤ High quality weapons images ➤ Real reload sounds ➤ Shake sensors to fire Many of these guns and their similar variations are featured in many video games or movies, such as Battlefield, Black Ops, Call of Duty, Counter Strike, Modern Warfare, World at War, etc. --= Weapons List =-- - Assault Rifles - AK-12 ARX-160 FAD Honey Badger MSBS Remington R5 SA-805 SC-2010 - Marksman Rifles - IA2 MK 14 EBR MR-28 SVU Dragunov - Submachine Guns - Bizon CBJ-MS K7 MTAR-X Vebr Vector - Handguns - 44 Magnum M9A1 MP-443 Grech P226 - Light Machine Guns - Ameli LSAT Chain Saw M-27 iar - Sniper Rifles - L115 Lynx VKS USR - Shotguns - Mts-255 Maul FP6 TAC 12 - Rocket Launchers - Kastet MK 32 Panzerfaust - Riot Shield - Riot Shield Disclaimer: This is not an official app, we are not associated or affiliated with developers of any game or any of their partners. If you enjoy playing our free fun game, please consider to rate it and share with your friends. Also, dont forget to like us on Facebook and +1 on Google+ As this is a free-to-play app, we use 3rd party advertising banners and interstitial ads to keep it improving and producing more new fun games and apps. Thank you for been comprehensive. Thanks for your support

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