I Never (Have I Ever) Party




You may know it as I Never, Never have I ever or Ten Fingers... Find out the interesting, outrageous and somewhat strange things your friends have done, downing a few drinks while youre at it With over 1,500 tame, sexy, clean, dirty, wild and crazy questions you are bound to have a blast playing this drinking game. Features: • Over 1,500 Never Have I Ever questions, new questions are automatically downloaded from aineverparty.com. • Question lists contains themed Never have I evers (e.g. Festival, Girls Night). • Choose the rating of the next statements: G, PG or R. • Add your own statements If you like, send them to Sirob Apps and well add them to the game • Vote for which statements you have Done and which Never to see how you compare to everyone else. • Something unclear about a Never Have I ever, or you find it particularly funny? Discuss the statement with others in the comments. • Never Have I Ever Statements are read out loud so that the whole group can hear Recommended for ages 18 and over. I Never Party ® is a registered trademark of Sirob e.U.

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