F18 Strike Fighter Pilot 3D

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** F18 Strike Fighter Pilot 3D ** ** Free Air Carrier Jet Fly Race Game 3D ** ** ACTION PACKED MULTIPLAYER FIGHTER PLANES GAME ** The army has hired you to complete a dangerous mission You have to choose a fighter plane and fly from a military airfield to a plane carrier F16, F22, Sukhoi, Shenyang and other 4th and 5th generation fighter jet planes are waiting at your command Take your seat in the cockpit and engage in the aerial warfare Beware, since there are lots of other strike fighters in the sky as well Also, some pilots around the world are competing against you in real time in this multiplayer game Includes: * Multiplayer (Fly against your friends) * Leaderboards (Compare your score in the gamecenter) * Beautiful 3D graphics * Explosions * Fast speed * Intense action movie feeling Take off into the sky You have to get there before the attack on the navy starts Will you save the navy from defeat? Twitter: @bravocterogames Facebook: www.facebook.com/bravocterogames

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