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INDIA General Elections 2014 (INDIA LOK SABHA Elections 2014) Live Result Coverage using PushSMS and Notification Service powered by India Election Result Live gives information about Elections Result & politics around it. *Result Coverage for General Elections (Lok Sabha Election) and Assembly Election (Vidhan Sabha Election) *Opinion Polls to get a glimpse of your view on States and General Elections. *News and most discussed topics about all the General & coming Elections. *General Elections 2014 Issues Problems the Nation Going Through. * All Parties result coverage :INC,BJP,AAP,CPM,SP,TMC,JDU, AIADMK & etc. * Political Jokes * Election Campaign Slogan * Election Results in Chart View * Share (Charts and Messages) to WhatsApp or any other your favourite apps * You can send GCM Post in any Group and User from App * Reply Message to Group Admin * Open our App in Sharing text & image from third party Application to send Post

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