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The 2011 edition of (Field Manual) FM 7-0 reflected the Armys unit training and leader development concepts borne from a decade of persistent combat operations. Army Doctrine Publication (ADP) 7-0, Training Units and Developing Leaders, re-establishes fundamental training and leader development concepts and processes for the U.S. Army. Training doctrine is again based on the Armys operations and planning processes, now defined by ADP 3-0, Unified Land Operations, and ADP 5-0, The Operations Process. Mission command makes the commander responsible for unit readiness and leader development. Unit commanders must be the subject matter experts. Commanders cannot delegate oversight of unit training and leader development to subordinates. The commanders physical presence at training sends a clear message to subordinates—unit training and leader development are the most important things the unit does when it is not actively engaged in operations. Unit training and leader development are inextricably linked. Good training supports leader development and good leaders develop good training programs for their units and subordinates. Schools provide basic skills and knowledge, but most leader development occurs in operational assignments and through self-development. Unit training provides a forgiving, learning environment that allows leaders to grow from lessons learned on the job without the fear of making irretrievable mistakes in combat that cost lives.

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